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1.38.0-rc-1 has been released on our repository. Highlight of this update is push notifications. This will really reduce the battery usage of Fedilab while providing quick notifications. That needs a little configuration. The step by step is explained here: https://fedilab.app/wiki/features/push-notifications/

Special thanks to for all their support (More about them at https://unifiedpush.org/)

@apps 2.38.0-rc-1 no ?

Yes, a mistake :)

@apps No problem ;-)

@apps You rock! I'll try this version ASAP.

Informed users might have noticed we talked about 2.38.0-rc-1 and not 1.38.0-rc-1

@apps It appears to only be available for Fedilab Lite.

Is this to be expected?

No, it's available for all versions. Where did you notice that?

@apps in Fdroid. Only fedilab lite shows the release candidate

You need to add our custom repository https://fdroid.fedilab.app

Also, you might need to uninstall your previous version. Think to backup your data. It works from a version to another one.

@arjonnyp @apps Same same.

Ok. We will check that problem. You use our custom repo?

@booteille @apps I had to uninstall.

It is available now.

Thank you for all your work!!

@arjonnyp @apps I had to check Β« include uncompatible apps Β» and now I see the version.

Ok. The key from F-Droid and ours are different. That needs to uninstall the Fdroid app first.

@arjonnyp @apps But now, it tells me the signature is different. That's why Jonny had to uninstall.

@arjonnyp @apps I guess it's because I added the repository after installing the app. So your repository is signing the app with a different key than f-droid's official one.

Yes exactly.

@apps @arjonnyp Thanks for your time. I am installing the new version right now. I'll ping you on if I find out a bug.

Seems that this version doesn't fix the waste space for Pleroma feeds?

It should πŸ€”

@apps As you see in the screenshot - it's not fixed.

You are not running 2.38.0-rc-1 :)

@apps 2.38.0-beta-1 - all I got from F-Droid with a fresh install.

See mines :)

No space left. You need to click on the smiley icon for reactions. Then you will be able to add a new one.

RC not beta pull to refresh :)

@apps It seems to work great so far!

Ok, yes, with RC it's fixed. Thx.

@apps Is anyone else experiencing this? I have no previous experience with Gotify but it seems to be running. I followed the instructions and apparently no provider is found.

@apps Is anyone else experiencing this? I have no previous experience with Gotify but it seems to be running. I followed the instructions and apparently no distributor is found.

Which version of gotify do you use ?

@apps Wow I am a disaster this afternoon 😳

I was using 2.0.13, I missed the repo adding step.

I have updated and it is no longer "complaining"

Thanks again and sorry to be a nuisance

Small issue...

Yes, we have to move the pin icon.
Thank you for your report.

Works like a charm for me! Great work!

An other small one: If you set custom color for the icons on bottom, not all are changed to this color.

@apps hi there, first of all thanks a lot for the great work!
Second, I guess you probably already know about it but the reduced notification message is not very informative (it says that Fedilab is listening to notifications instead of showing the actual notification content that comes later), would it be possible to remove the first part?